Gender Female
Birth Date Feb 11, 2009
Age 10 years old
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Kleodora is doing well and is in good health. She is attending the fourth grade at school in Rodokal. Her home is too far from the feeding programme and she needs to walk for about forty five minutes or an hour to attend. Kleodora and her friends gather in groups to walk altogether. Kleodora is doing well with the lessons and enjoys learning, After school she spends her time to play with the other children who are same age with her. They play on the roads, close to the homes. She desires to be a hairdresser and fixes the hair of her dolls as she plays. Kleodora studies her school books and does her homework during the evenings. Adelajda and Anisa help Kkeodora to do her school homework or learn the lessons in the school books. Kleodora attends every Monday and Thursday our feeding programme at Rodokal after she finishes school for the day. On Mondays the cooks are serving to the children pasta, sausages and fruits. On Thursdays the cooks serve chicken, rice and a few fruits. The food is cooked in our base at Pogradec and transported to the villages. Kleodora and her friends enjoy these meals and attend the Bible classes. The teachers are leading their class to a time of singing and teaching the children by using Bible stories. At the end of each Bible class the children spend a while playing outside our stations. Kleodora same as all the children who attend the feeding programmes gains a free dental care once a year, offered at our dental clinic in Kotodesh.

There are six persons who contain Kleodora’s family. They live in three rooms in a new home which offers to them appropriated living conditions. Kleodora has in her family her father, mother and three sisters. Xhoana is the oldest. She is at present attending the university and is studying foreign languages. Xhoana lives in Tirana and comes home once a month. Kleodora’s sister whose name is Anisa is fifteen years old. She attends the second grade high school. Adelajda, her other sister is seventeen years old and is attending at third grade high school. She will graduate this year on June. Anisa and Adelajda are both attending the programme. Kleodora’s father is working six months during the year in Greece to provide for the family. He is hired in agriculture. The income raised from his job there is better compared to what he would get doing the same job in his village. Kleodora’s mother cares for all, especially while her husband is working abroad. During the days she needs to work in the lands as well as care to feed the cow. During this month, the ladies will plant the vegetable garden so they can gain fresh vegetables as tomatoes, peppers, anions, beans, etc. The family is planting wheat every year as the ladies are baking the bread at home. The stock food for the cow, used during the winter, is provided through planting wheat. Keeping and carrying for a cow, the family is able to provide milk, yogurt, butter, and other products for self consumption. This family is considered as not too poor, due to emigration income the father is able to bring home, but they are still in hardships, same as all the people who live in Rodokal. The team visited Kleodora’s home but none was present during this time. The team asked the next door neighbors to receive this information.

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