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Birth Date Jul 07, 2013
Age 5 years old
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Mateo is at present five years old. He is doing well and in good health. He lives in low Rodokal and his home is far from our feeding programme. Mateo is frequenting the kindergarten and at present he is learning to read and write. Mateo was too embarrassed to answer to our questions regarding what he likes to play with or what color he prefers the most. As most children who come for the first time to our programme, he was a bit shy.

Mateo attends twice a week, every Monday and Thursday our feeding program at Rodokal, enjoying the combined warm meals cooked and served to the participating children. Mateo likes the fried chicken, sausages, pasta and rice served by our cooks. Mateo attends the Bible classes for the children who are same age with him and enjoys singing to praise the Lord Jesus and learning from God’s Word. At the end of the Bible lesson, he and the other children spend time to color or draw at our feeding centre under the care of our teachers. Mateo also has the possibility to gain a free dental care offered at our dental clinic in Kotodesh. Mateo needs to do quite a long distance walk to frequent the programme. He always needs to join with his older friends in order to make this way altogether in groups. One of his cousins cares especially for him.

Mateo’s father makes the living and keeps the family provided through emigration. Actually Mateo was born in Greece but his mother returned to live in Albania with him while the father is working there.  He goes to work in Greece for six months within the year. What he earns there is a good amount to have the family provided as far as in food and clothes. Mateo is the only child of the family. The mother will start to work on the garden by spring. She is planting usually vegetables for self consumption. During this time she stays at home and cares for Mateo. Winters are cold in the area of Rodokal and it snows quite often.

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